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837 Format and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange, commonly known as EDI, is the most common technological approach to moving information between two different medical information systems. EDI offers an automated approach, which means that data is transferred quickly and accurately using 837 format and manual keyboarding is eliminated.
Unlimited Innovations has a decade of experience in EDI, including use of the 835 and 837 formats common to medical information. Our 837 format services include:

Requirements planning with the client, for example to transfer claim status to providers and payers.
  • Identification of the necessary fields for EDI change and development of a System Design Document

  • Map the fields to the data source, which is typically an Excel spreadsheet, a database or a database within another software program

  • Design a tool to automatically map the incoming information into the receiving table

  • Test and document the system

Case Studies
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Over the years UI has dealt with a variety of issues and situations. Here are examples of how our experts helped other organizations.
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